i'm a sfw digital artist that mainly does character art! click on the image galleries below for my examples :3

about angle ; 19 ; any ; filipino ; non-binary ; infj ; eng/fil<3!! my s.o., digital art, cooking, writing, dark chocolate, kind replies to my art, utdr, ralsei, spamton, oneshot, niko, nitw, mae, music, quadeca, lauv, jeremy zucker, chelsea cutler, rex orange county</3. troll locals, people who think putting ralsei in makeup or feminine clothes means sexualizing him, ralsei r34

5 USD → Headshot
10 USD → Halfbody
15 USD → Fullbody
Lined Art Style
20 USD → Headshot
40 USD → Halfbody
60 USD → Fullbody
Lineless Art Style
15 USD → Headshot
35 USD → Fullbody
Oil Pastel Art Style
20 USD → Headshot
30 USD → Halfbody
50 USD → Fullbody
additional character → 25% off of base price
complex design (intricate, many accessories) → 10 USD/hr
simple background (color, basic shape) → no added fee
complex background (objects, scenery) → 10 USD/hr
would draw if:
→ humans or humanoids
→ anthropomorphic characters (furry)
→ feral (quadrupeds, animal anatomy and proportions)
→ mech (robots, armored characters)
→ heavily detailed (multiple patterns, complex designs)
→ ship art (cuddling, romantic scenarios)
will not draw if:
→ nsfw (porn, exposed genitalia)
→ heavy gore (severe injuries, graphic violence)
→ hateful (art that promotes bigotry or hate crime)
→ hyperrealism (photo-realistic real life characters)
→ i don't want to draw it 'cause it feels wrong to me
✦ Pay half after sketch. Send the rest once I finish.
✦ I stream my art process in a Discord VC to stay focused and avoid getting distracted. Please tell me if you are uncomfortable with the art being streamed.
✦ Wait time of (at most) 2 weeks after payment, but I usually finish within 3 days to 1 week.
✦ I use PayPal and CIMB Bank. Please DM for details.

i love my s.o. :3 that's the secret you can go back now