i'm a sfw digital artist that mainly does character art! click on the image galleries below for my examples :3

about "angle" ; 19 ; filipino ; genderfluid

Colored Sketch
3 USD → Headshot
7 USD → Halfbody
15 USD → Fullbody
Lined Style
30 USD → Headshot
50 USD → Halfbody
70 USD → Fullbody
Lineless Style
5 USD → Headshot*
20 USD → Halfbody
35 USD → Fullbody
*Only for non-complex designs; 10 USD if complex
Oil Pastel Style
20 USD → Headshot
35 USD → Halfbody
50 USD → Fullbody
additional character → 75% of base price, stacks 2x
(example: Full Body Oil Pastel, 4 characters = 50 + 37.5 + 28.125 + 50)
*discount applicable to all styles except lined
complex design (intricate patterns, many accessories) → additional 20 to 30 USD depending on complexitysimple background (color, basic shape) → no added fee
complex background (objects, scenery) → 10 to 50 USD depending on complexity
Complexity is based on whether or not it takes me longer than usual to draw. I'll tell you if the commission is complex by my standards. Major and multiple revisions that make the art process longer may also add to the cost.
would draw if:
→ humans or humanoids
→ anthropomorphic characters (furry, scaly, etc)
→ animal (quadrupeds, non-anthro)
→ mech (robots, armored characters)
→ heavily detailed (multiple patterns, complex designs)
→ ship art (cuddling, romantic scenarios)
→ minimal blood or violence
→ artistic nudity
→ suggestive
will not draw if:
→ exposed genitalia
→ heavy gore (severe injuries, graphic violence)
→ hateful (art that promotes bigotry or hate crime)
→ hyperrealism (photo-realistic real life characters)
→ i don't want to draw it 'cause it feels wrong to me
✦ Pay half after sketch. Send the rest once I finish. For transactions 15 USD and under, it's okay if you prefer to send everything in one payment.✦ I stream my art process in a Discord VC to stay focused and avoid getting distracted. Please tell me if you are uncomfortable with the art being streamed.✦ Wait time of (at most) 2 weeks after payment, but I usually finish between 3 days and 1 week.✦ If I don't respond for a week, please don't hesitate to send me a message.✦ I don't usually work on commissions on weekends, but feel free to contact me at any time. I will respond as soon as I can.✦ I provide the non-watermarked files only to their respective clients.✦ I use PayPal, Ko-fi, and CIMB Bank. Please DM for details.

i love my s.o. :3 that's the secret you can go back now